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Hana Technologies, Inc. Becomes ARC Certified

TWINSBURG, OH, 18 July 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hana Technologies, Inc. (HTI) provides a complete range of full-service RFID inlay products for all areas of the RFID market under the Hana RFID brand. HTI is proud to announce the completion of Auburn’s ARC quality certification, along with the certification of multiple Hana RFID inlay designs for use in the retail RFID market.
“As one of the earlier high-volume manufacturers of RFID inlays and devices, we have been providing high quality RFID inlays for over 20 years,” said Dr. John Erdmann, President & CEO of Hana Technologies. “Our certification to the ARC quality standard will further our strategy to be a leading global provider of RFID inlays. We are excited about the initial designs that are already approved for production and sale and will be submitting many more designs for approval, varying across the complete retail product spectrum.”
“Quality and reliability are key attributes in the RFID industry and obtaining the Auburn Quality Certification provides our customers the assurance of rigorous quality assurance standards in our RFID inlay program,” said Mike Hetrick, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Hana Technologies.
Hana offers a wide range of inlay designs for the Retail, Automotive, Logistics, Aviation and new emerging markets.

About Hana Technologies Hana Technologies, Inc. (HTI) is an Ohio Corporation established in 1999 and is a seller of RFID and Consumer Electronics products. HTI is also a manufacturing service provider for the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Packaging industries. HTI is a proud member of The Hana Microelectronics Group, a leading company in the electronics industry, which was established in 1978, is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a public company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
SOURCE: Hana Technologies, Inc.